Nice Guys Exclusive Workshop: How to Find (and Keep) the Right Girl in 30 Days


For all NICE GUYS who’ve been rejected by women in the past 3 months.

Yes it sucks.

Especially when you don’t understand why you’ve been rejected and exactly what went wrong.

You did all that you could to get her interested in you.

Heck, you even signed up for a new hobby just so that you’d be interesting enough for her but … you still ended up rejected and friend zoned!

It’s frustrating and extremely annoying because you’ve been getting the same results with almost every other date you’ve been out with.

It’ll start off good at first but as time progresses you see her losing interest in you.

You try desperately to be funny, witty and interesting but guess what? It only makes things worst as you begin to act awkwardly around her, making her feel uncomfortable which only results in her not wanting to see you again.

If only you knew exactly what women want!

Things would be so much more easier wouldn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a clear and tangible way to understand women?

Imagine being this confident guy who’s able to effortlessly relate to and connect on a deeper level with almost any beautiful woman whom he meets.

Imagine being able to make her blush uncontrollably like a teenage school girl or feel butterflies in her tummy whenever she’s around you.

Imagine not being afraid of approaching her when you first spot her and having no anxiety when it comes to asking for her number or out on a date.

So, let me ask you this … would you like for that to become a reality?

If you’ve nodded yes then you’re in the right place because I can teach you how to achieve all of that and more!

My name’s Val Senan and I’m the founder of The Finest Man.

I’ve spent the last 4 years helping nice guys go from being anxious, scared and afraid around beautiful women to confident men who’re so interesting and engaging that women can’t seem to get enough of them.

And all my clients have achieved that by just being their authentic selves.

They didn’t use any lines, weird manipulations or sleazy pick up artist tricks.

All they did was to show up as themselves and show it off in a very attractive manner.

Why not I share some of their testimonials with you …

“ I went from the unnoticed quiet guy (The person whose name you don’t remember ) to become man that the ladies preferred to date & marry. Also, I was actually getting successful, repeated dates with the same women from Tinder, something which was totally foreign to me.” - Gerald, 22

“ I was unaware of what i was doing wrong, and how little things make a huge difference in the way i interact with women. It was Val who pointed out these small, but effective means of communicating your intent with girls. All within the confines of gentlemanly behaviour , of course! ” - Jo, 34

“ As one who is shy with women, this workshop has equipped me with practical tools that can be easily applied to meet and attract women. The results have been unbelievable. All this would not have been possible without having a coach who is committed to my success. Thanks Val. You are a man who walks the talk. I have no regrets. I am sure you will not as well. ” - Nate, 37

“ If your ultimate goal to get attached, hitched or into how many shades of grey you can discover without being steamrolled over like nice guys are, do yourself a favour and get on this express lane! ” - Luke Ho, 36

Would you like to learn how to achieve and experience similar results?

Because I’m going to conduct a special 2 hour workshop which teaches all you nice guys how to overcome and avoid rejection completely and become a more confident and engaging man who’s able to effortlessly get dates with the snap of a finger.

In this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn :

  • The easiest way to avoid and eliminate rejection
  • How to read her body language and understand what she wants
  • A simple formula to never run out of things to say
  • How to go from platonic to intimate
  • The fastest way to build deep rapport with almost any woman

I’ll be capping the total number of attendees to only 15 for this exclusive workshop.

Reason being, I want it to be a conducive learning environment where everyone goes away with new skills, learning and of course REAL results when it comes to understanding women so that you can get more dates with women whom you’re interested in.

So if you liked what you’ve read so far, register your spot with us today to avoid disappointment.

Seats go fast!

** PS **

To make sure you get nothing but immense value from these 2 hours with me, I’m giving you an exclusive FREE BONUS when you register today.

I’ve created a detailed guide which contains a comprehensive list of places you can go to in order to meet your ideal woman and exactly what to say to ask her out without being turned down.

With this guide, you can say good bye to the anxiety, guessing games and of course … rejection.

Claim yours today by registering your seat with us!

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Sat Apr 22, 2017
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Waterloo Centre
Early Bird SOLD OUT $20.00
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261 Waterloo Street, #04-17 Singapore 180261 Singapore
Take MRT to Bras Basah or Bugis MRT. Detailed directions here: http://docdro.id/mn50z36
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